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Alcohol Based Liquid Chafing Fuel Is Environmentally Friendly
Jun 16, 2017

  Alcohol based Liquid Chafing Fuel is environmentally friendly

  1, environmental protection: alcohol-based Liquid Chafing Fuel combustion products are mainly $literal, CO2, with no soot, tasteless, no pressure, no pollution, use no flue, no residue and so on. The new type of environmentally friendly alcohol based Liquid Chafing Fuel and the development of special stoves to use, the indicators can achieve national security and environmental protection standards. Whether as a vehicle fuel or civilian fuel, because of its low cost of use, environmental health characteristics of the vast number of consumers.

  2, thermal efficiency: A new type of environmentally friendly alcohol based Liquid Chafing Fuel heat efficiency, and can be completely burned, the latent heat of vaporization of gasoline is about 3 times times. The evaporation and vaporization of mixed fuel can reduce the inlet temperature further, increase the gas content, increase the gas efficiency, burn fast and improve the thermal cycling condition of the cooker TOU, which can improve the combustion efficiency remarkably.

  3, Economy: At present, the new type of environmentally friendly alcohol based Liquid Chafing Fuel comprehensive market price of about 2200 yuan/ton, has a great price advantage. With the perfection of high temperature gasification synthesis technology, and the low temperature and low pressure method and liquid phase method to produce fuel technology, the technological process will be simplified and the cost of fuel will be reduced gradually.

  4, practicality: Compared with liquefied petroleum gas, kerosene, diesel, and so on, the new type of environmentally-friendly alcohol-based Liquid Chafing Fuel is lower in price and lighter in air pollution, and it can obviously reduce environmental pollution and convenient storage and transportation compared with solid fuels such as coal and firewood, and it does not require expensive piping systems Coupled with the cooker, the use of pulse electronic ignition, automatic adjustment of air intake, can ensure fuel safe and stable combustion. Therefore, the environmentally friendly alcohol based Liquid Chafing Fuel can be used as a civilian fuel.

  5, Safety: Environmentally friendly alcohol-based Liquid Chafing Fuel on the human body non-toxic, convenient storage (drums, plastic barrels can be stored), with high explosive performance, high ignition point is not prone to fire accidents, flash points for 10 Shan, water is extinguished, than the use of petroleum fuel, natural gas fuel and city gas fuel safety. As a clean fuel without soot, no residue, no harmful waste gas, no fouling, safe and economical. The use of alcohol-based Liquid Chafing Fuel is very extensive, and believe that in the future trend of energy development, alcohol based Liquid Chafing Fuel is bound to become the energy industry's favorite, set off two times kitchen fuel revolution. At present, there is a big gap in the market, unlimited business opportunities.