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Biomass Solid Fuel Industry Is Still In The Embryonic Stage Of Development
Aug 08, 2017

  Biomass solid fuel industry is still in the embryonic stage of development, commodity sales and circulation system is still very imperfect. As long as the promotion of molding machines and burning stoves of technological innovation, improve the quality of fuel products, improve the level of business management, standardize the industrial market and behavior, to build a sound commodity sales and circulation system is not out of reach. Lack of supporting facilities is not finished product subsystem and the whole system of operation of the core of the problem.

  From the biomass solid fuel industry in essence, the stove is the fuel use of supporting facilities, is to form a complete industrial chain an important part of the importance of industrial development is self-evident. The fuel stove is a part of the whole stall industry, its weight is very small. Under the current market conditions, stoves industry is a very mature industry. Which caused the current special furnace industry, many of the biggest problems lies in the raw material collection and fuel supply links. As long as there is sufficient raw materials and advanced technology support, the formation of reliable quality, affordable fuel supply, the enterprise has enough profit margins, according to market regulation, special furnace industry, many obstacles will be solved. Therefore, solid fuel the furnace itself has its own problem is a contradiction, does not constitute the main obstacle to industrial development obstacles.

  Of course, the previous analysis does not mean that this part of the stove is not important, its core is to have a standardized market atmosphere to guide its healthy development. When the market is still in a state of chaos, the lack of uniform standards and norms, prone to fish in troubled waters, technology theft, fake and shoddy products flooding the market and other illegal phenomenon. As the non-standard market system will cause the market order chaos, if not take the necessary purification measures will lead directly to the business stoves business difficulties, resulting in a series of problems. And if there is confusion in the stove, solid fuel it will cause a series of malignant domino effect, resulting in the finished product subsystem of the other components are also problems, which will lead to other system-related issues. Therefore, the stall product market is not a normative impact of the overall fatal factors, should cause the government and related enterprises enough attention.

  Fuel products own defects mainly in the raw material molding rate is not high, to enhance the production costs; compared to coal, biomass fuel finished product density, low fuel value, to the user to bring greater use of inconvenience, seriously affecting its sales. Product defects is a problem of the system, but the Henan Agricultural University experts found that biomass solid fuel is only by the property of their own properties (the main component of the calorific value of cellulose is not high) and molding technology, solid fuel but the product, Change its own property under the premise of molding technology is the key to the existence of the problem. The current molding machine common equipment continuous processing capacity is poor, easy to run during the equipment barriers and other issues. And technology, but in addition to lead to poor product quality, the corresponding will increase the unit production costs, improve product market prices. The result is a result of reduced product sales and shrinking business profits, so that part of the enterprise or exit the market, or to some kind of improper behavior to survive, seriously hindering the pace of industrial development. At the same time, the higher technical requirements of the molding machine to make machinery and equipment expensive, solid fuel thus inhibiting the enthusiasm of investors into the travel, for the majority of poor areas of small and medium-sized operators into the line is a major obstacle.

  In summary, the finished product production subsystem is the main problem is the stencil market is not standardized and molding machine technical barriers. Especially the latter, not only within the subsystem, solid fuel but also the key to the development of the industry.