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Comparison Of Biomass Solid Fuel Particles With Coal
Jul 26, 2017

  Comparison of Biomass Solid Fuel Particles with Coal

  Biomass solid molding fuel combustion performance and the quality of coal equivalent, compared with the quality of coal has the following characteristics:

  ① The calorific value of the biomass pellet fuel and the ash content after combustion are about 10% lower than the calorific value of the coal. Solid Fuel But the biomass pellet fuel in the work of energy burned, and coal can not burn, cinder residue 10% to 15% flammable components. Therefore, in actual use, the calorific value of the two is equivalent.

  ② biomass particles of fuel fire than coal, easy to ignite, greatly reducing the fire start time.

  (3) The solid emissions of biomass pellet fuel are lower than that of coal, which reduces the cost of discharge slag and environmental pollution. Solid Fuel The solid emissions of biomass pellet fuel are all gray, accounting for 0.4% ~ 7.0% of the total weight; The effluent is a mixture of ash, alkali and residual coal, with a total weight of about 25% to 40%.

  ④ coal on the air pollution and the degree of corrosion of the boiler than the biomass particles fuel much larger. Soot contains a lot of granular C and toxic SO2, CO and other corrosive gases. The main components of the biomass pellet fuel are CH organic matter, there are no granulated C and SO2 gas in the flue gas, Solid Fuel mainly CH volatile gas, the SO2, CO emissions close to zero; burning smoke less than Ringermann level 1, Will significantly reduce the air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions, biomass particles in the international known as "clean fuel" reputation.

  ⑤ Boiler fuel with biomass pellet fuel costs and time savings than when burning coal. A 0.5t boiler burned biomass fuel costs 11% lower than coal burning costs, Solid Fuel 34% savings in time, a 0.5t boiler fuel costs relative to coal 10% lower, save 16%.

  ⑥ general biomass pellet fuel continuous burning time than the soft material to improve 8 to 10 times, Solid Fuel and in a stable and continuous combustion state.