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Ethanol Fuel Good Combustion Effect
Aug 30, 2017

Automotive ethanol fuel, also known as ethanol gasoline, refers to the absence of MTBE oxygen additive additives for the special gasoline component oil (by the refinery or petrochemical plant for the car with ethanol gasoline mixing oil) According to the volume ratio to join a certain percentage (China is currently tentatively scheduled for 10%) of the modified fuel ethanol, by the vehicle ethanol gasoline dispensing center according to the national standard GB18351-2004 quality requirements, through a specific process mixed with a new generation of clean environment Vehicle fuel.

Key Features

(1) strong oxygen, combustion effect is good. Fuel ethanol in 10% of the proportion of mixed into the gasoline, the oxygen content can reach 3.5%, combustion effect is good, full combustion of gasoline, the car's harmful emissions total reduced by 33% or more. And can improve the octane number of 2-3 units, improve the anti-explosive oil.

(2) good solubility, clean oil. Automotive ethanol in the fuel ethanol is a good performance of organic solvents, can effectively eliminate the fuel tank and oil system in the precipitation and condensation of impurities, with the role of the oil channel to clear.

(3) burning full, reducing coke. As the vehicle ethanol gasoline combustion is full, can effectively prevent and eliminate the spark plug, valve, piston and exhaust pipe, muffler and other parts of the formation of coke to extend the life of the engine and the main components.

(4) strong hydrophilic, improper use will be layered. Ethanol is a hydrophilic liquid, easy to miscible with water, if the tank is stored in the water or in the car with ethanol gasoline mixed with water, so that oil moisture exceeded, there will be fuel ethanol and harmonic components of oil layering phenomenon, affecting the engine normal jobs. Therefore, the first use, the tank should be a check.

Major Disadvantages

Automotive ethanol gasoline in the combustion value, power and corrosion on the lack of:

1, the calorie value of ethanol is 60% of conventional gasoline, according to the relevant information reported that if the car without any changes on the use of 10% ethanol mixed gasoline, the engine fuel consumption will increase by 5%.

2, the latent heat of vaporization of ethanol, the theoretical air-fuel ratio of the evaporation temperature is greater than conventional gasoline. Affect the formation of mixed gas and burning speed, resulting in vehicle power, economy, and the cold start of the decline is not conducive to the acceleration of the car.

3, ethanol in the combustion process will produce acetic acid, the car metal, especially copper corrosion. The test shows that ethanol content in the gasoline at 0 ~ 10%, the metal is basically no corrosion, but the ethanol content of more than 15%, you must add an effective corrosion inhibitor.

4, ethanol, a good solvent, easy to seal the car rubber and other synthetic non-metallic materials produce a slight corrosion, swelling, softening or cracking.

5, ethanol is easy to absorb water, car ethanol gasoline water content exceeds the standard indicators, prone to liquid separation.