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Ethanol Fuel Introduction To Main Features
Nov 06, 2017

Ethanol fuel, also known as ethanol gasoline, refers to the modified fuel ethanol, a certain proportion (currently tentatively 10% in our country), of a special gasoline component oil (used in blending oil from an oil refinery or petrochemical plant) that does not contain an oxygen-containing additive for MTBE, in which the volume ratio is added, By the automotive ethanol gasoline fixed-point dispensing center according to GB gb18351-2004 quality requirements, through a specific process mixed with a new generation of clean environment-friendly vehicle fuel. Energy structure adjustment and reducing environmental pollution have promoted the development of ethanol fuel.

Impact on engine Components

The application of ethanol to gasoline engines has matured, and years of experience in Brazil and the United States have shown that ordinary petrol vehicles can use petrol with 10% ethanol without any change. Petrol with more than 15% ethanol must be adjusted to the vehicle engine.

Because ethanol is an organic solvent, in the production, storage, combustion process will produce organic acids, easy to produce corrosion and wear. Need to clean the fuel system and oil tank, the car's plastic seals to prevent corrosion treatment, the replacement of some rubber materials, such as hose replacement for the butyl-eye rubber, seals replaced with fluorine-containing rubber.

In the pilot use of our country, it is found that the engine the components of the fuel system, the oil circuit and the sediment on the wall of the tubing will peel off and may cause a blockage of the filter; When gasoline alcohols are used for a long time, some Mg, Al, Zn alloys, tinned steel plates and some ferrous metals will be corroded, especially when fuel is layered. The acidity value and viscosity of lubricating oil increase, in the engine intake system components, easy to produce oil, oil pollution serious may lead to the pull cylinder; rubber parts in the fuel pump, the tank in the carburetor accelerator pump and the rubber oil seal in the filter appear swell phenomenon.

Influence on engine dynamic property

From the mechanism, the calorific value of fuel ethanol is lower than the calorific value of gasoline, which can reduce the dynamic performance. However, the oxygen in ethanol will not fully combustion in the original gasoline part of the full combustion, thus increasing the power. The two offset, generally flat or slightly reduced. According to the results of the engine bench test and driving test conducted by the National Automobile Research Center, the engine does not need to be reformed and the dynamic performance is basically unchanged.

Main Features

The molecular composition of ethanol is $literal, infinitely soluble in water, and poor solubility of hydrocarbon fuels. Ethanol can be used as a vehicle fuel alone, or blended with gasoline or diesel to form mixed fuels. Ethanol as a vehicle fuel has the following characteristics:

(1) The low calorific value of ethanol is equivalent to 60.9% of gasoline, equivalent to 62.8% of diesel, but from the point of view of relative energy consumption, its thermal efficiency is not lower than that of gasoline and diesel;

(2) The high octane number of ethanol is a good substitute fuel for gasoline engine, but also a good additive to improve the octane value of gasoline, but its 16-alkanes are very low, which is difficult to be applied in the compression-ignition engine.

(3) The boiling point of ethanol is lower than gasoline, which is helpful to the formation of fuel-air mixture, but the lack of high volatile components is unfavorable to the starting. The vapor pressure of ethanol is lower than that of gasoline, which can affect the power and evaporative emission of automobiles.

(4) The vaporization latent heat of ethanol can help to improve the n0x emission, the ignition limit of ethanol is wide, and can be burned in the dilute mixed gas state, so it is suitable for the engine of dilute mixture combustion mode.