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Ethanol Fuel Market Direction
Jul 01, 2017

  Ethanol fuel market direction

  Ethanol is a basic chemical raw materials, but also a new energy.

  Although it has a wide range of uses, Ethanol fuel but still the traditional concept of the market. The future of ethanol as a basic industry market direction will be mainly reflected in three aspects:

  First, vehicle fuel, mainly ethanol gasoline and ethanol diesel. This is what we call the fuel ethanol market, but also the recent (10 years) capacity relative to the smaller market (in our country about 10 million tons / year). Ethanol fuel  The US government has developed a plan to develop fuel ethanol, planning to increase the fuel ethanol consumption of gasoline (excluding diesel) by at least 1.5 billion gallons (about 4.5 million tons) per year to at least 4.4 billion gallons (about 1360 Million tons);

  Second, as fuel for fuel cells. In the low-temperature fuel cells such as mobile phones, laptops and a new generation of fuel cell vehicles and other mobile power has a very broad application prospects, which is the medium-term ethanol market (10-20 years). Ethanol has now been identified as safe, Ethanol fuel  convenient and more practical for ideal fuel cell fuel. Ethanol will have a new battery fuel 30-40% of the market. Market capacity is at least five times the recent market (mainly fiber raw materials ethanol);

  Third, ethanol will be to support the modern ethylene as raw material of the petrochemical industry, the basic raw materials. In the next two decades or so, due to the increasingly tense oil resources, coupled with the production of fiber raw materials, large-scale production of ethanol, the cost relative to the oil raw materials have been competitive, Ethanol fuel ethanol will be logical into the field of petrochemical raw materials The In China's market capacity at least 20 million tons / year or more. Ethanol production of ethylene technology is now mature, with the growing shortage of oil resources and prices, ethanol will gradually enter the ethylene raw materials market, is likely to eventually replace it. If you want to make an image and exaggerated metaphor, the image of the international oil tycoon in the second half of the twentieth century will be replaced by the "alcohol test" ethanol tycoon in the middle of the twenty-first century.