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Ethanol Fuel New Generation Of Clean And Environmentally Friendly Vehicle Fuel
Sep 15, 2017

Ethanol fuel is also called ethanol gasoline, refers to the modified fuel ethanol, a certain proportion (currently tentatively 10% in our country), of a special gasoline component oil (used in blending oil from an oil refinery or petrochemical plant) that does not contain an oxygen-containing additive for MTBE, in which the volume ratio is added, By the automotive ethanol gasoline fixed-point dispensing center according to GB gb18351-2004 quality requirements, through a specific process mixed with a new generation of clean environment-friendly vehicle fuel.

Main Features

(1) Strong oxygen-enriched, good combustion effect. The proportion of fuel ethanol blended into gasoline by 10% can make the oxygen content reach 3.5%, the combustion effect is good, the gasoline combustion is full, and the total harmful exhaust emissions of automobiles are reduced by more than 33%. The octane number can be increased by 2-3 units and the explosion resistance of the oil is improved.

(2) Good solubility, clean oil circuit. The fuel ethanol in vehicle ethanol gasoline is a kind of organic solvent, which can effectively eliminate the precipitate and condensation impurities in the fuel tank and oil circuit system, and has the function of dredging the circuit.

(3) Full combustion and reduced carbon deposition. Because of the full combustion of ethanol gasoline, it can effectively prevent and eliminate the formation of carbon in the spark plug, valve, piston top and exhaust pipe, muffler, and prolong the service life of the engine and main parts.

(4) Hydrophilic strong, improper use will be layered. Ethanol is hydrophilic liquid, easily miscible with water, if the oil tank deposited with water or in the car with ethanol gasoline mixed with water, so that the oil content of water, there will be fuel ethanol and harmonic component oil stratification phenomenon, affect the normal operation of the engine. Therefore, when first used, the tank should be checked.

Main disadvantage

Automotive ethanol gasoline in the combustion value, power and corrosion resistance of the deficiencies:

1, the calorific value of ethanol is a conventional vehicle gasoline 60%, according to the data, if the car does not make any changes in the use of ethanol 10% mixed gasoline, the engine oil consumption will increase by 5%.

2, the vaporization latent heat of ethanol is big, the evaporation temperature under theoretical air-fuel ratio is greater than that of conventional gasoline. The influence of the formation and combustion speed of the mixture, which leads to the decrease of the vehicle's power, economy and cold start, is unfavorable to the acceleration of the vehicle.

3, ethanol in the combustion process will produce acetic acid, automotive metals, especially copper has a corrosive effect. The results show that the content of ethanol in gasoline is $number when the metal is not corroded, but the effective corrosion inhibitor must be added when the ethanol content exceeds 15%.

4, ethanol, a good solvent, easy to the automotive sealing rubber and other synthetic non-metallic materials produce slight corrosion, swelling, softening or cracking effect.

5, ethanol is easy to absorb water, the water content of ethanol gasoline is more than standard index, easy to occur liquid phase separation.