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Ethanol Fuel Will Eventually Replace Gasoline As A Future Fuel
Oct 24, 2017

In the field of ethanol fuel applications, Brazil is in an absolute leading position, its wide application not only makes Brazil no longer need to import oil, and even changed the Brazilian economic structure. Brazil's experience has brought a lot of inspiration to many countries, especially some of the US venture capital investment in-depth study of the future value of ethanol fuel, they demonstrate a variety of models to try to deny ethanol fuel, and ethanol fuel with a variety of green energy Comparison, but the results surprised the experts. They found that ethanol fuel would eventually replace gasoline as a future fuel.

Perhaps many people do not know that ethanol can replace gasoline as a fuel for cars. In fact, more than 5 million cars in the world use ethanol as fuel, which is not only more economical than cars that use gasoline as fuel, but also do not discharge harmful greenhouse gases to the environment. With the international crude oil prices skyrocketed and the hydrogen economy in the foreseeable future, economists predict that only the future of ethanol will really replace gasoline as the survival of human green fuel.

Technology, capital and policies are already ripe

In 2005, the US Department of Energy announced a forecast: they believe that by 2030, the US auto fuel consumption structure, 30% will be ethanol fuel. But in fact experts believe that we may not need to wait so long, because many people have realized that ethanol will be a revolutionary fuel in the future. In the United States, from venture capital to Wall Street businessmen, from car manufacturers, environmentalists to farmers have no longer talk about whether ethanol can replace gasoline, but quietly action, a lot of money began to flow to biological refineries, car engines Was converted into a mixed engine that could burn ethanol and gasoline, and a lot of research funding was put into scientific research institutions to make ethanol production lower. Experts predict that the next five years, along with rising international crude oil prices, ethanol will become the world's major energy solutions, they firmly believe that with the continuous progress of technology, without increasing the area of cultivated land and do not change people's Dietary structure of the conditions, the use of cellulose as the main raw material produced by the ethanol can completely replace the oil to meet the current human energy needs.

Although there are many people that hydrogen will eventually replace fossil fuels, but in fact the hydrogen economy is still very far away. From hydrogen production to transportation, from hydrogen refueling stations to cars that use hydrogen as an energy source, these investments add up to $ 1 trillion in investment, while ethanol fuels are a more realistic way to achieve them. The current gas station can only do a little change can be added ethanol fuel, these ethanol fuel with 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline, each car only need to spend $ 200 conversion fee can use ethanol gasoline. In Brazil, 3/4 new cars can use both ethanol and petrol as fuel, due to the use of a large amount of ethanol fuel, Brazil has been completely out of the need for oil imports embarrassing situation.

It is fancy the broad prospects for ethanol fuel, huge amounts of money is being invested in the ethanol fuel industry. ADM is the largest ethanol producer in the United States, producing more than 1 billion gallons of ethanol per year. Last September, the company announced that it would expand its production capacity by 50 percent, which would produce 1.5 billion gallons of ethanol per year. Another venture capital, including Bill Gates, plans to invest $ 2.6 billion to build a plant that produces ethanol fuel, which alone will increase US ethanol production capacity by 40 percent. Some car manufacturers and oil companies are also unwilling, Ford Motor Company began to promote the transformation of ethanol fuel gas stations, Shell in Canada to build the world's first large-scale use of cellulose as raw material to produce ethanol factory. Exxon Mobil funded Stanford University $ 100 million for new energy research, has now been effective.

However, the biggest supporter is the US government, the US government regulations, ethanol manufacturers produce 1 gallon of ethanol per year can enjoy 51% tax rebate discount, this alone, ethanol manufacturers within 5 years can increase the income of $ 7 billion , Which will greatly stimulate the enthusiasm of manufacturers, will greatly reduce the cost of ethanol fuel production, and promote the rapid promotion of ethanol fuel.

Ethanol fuel is popular in Brazil

In the field of ethanol fuel applications Brazil is in an absolute leading position. Brazil is one of the world's most suitable areas for the cultivation of sugar cane, sugar cane is the best raw material for the manufacture of ethanol fuel, due to this natural advantage, Brazil in the development and application of ethanol fuel far ahead of other countries. Compared with the need for long-distance transport of crude oil, ethanol fuel production plant is built in the rich sugar cane farm next to the production of ethanol fuel plant waste is directly burned, the power directly into the grid. Not only that, because Brazil for many years to promote the application of ethanol fuel, the country every gas station can add ethanol fuel, which in turn led to the consumption of ethanol fuel. Due to the unique characteristics of Brazil, since 2002, Ford, Volkswagen and other car manufacturers try to promote dual fuel vehicles, this car can use ordinary gasoline as fuel, you can also use ethanol fuel. This car once launched, immediately welcomed by the Brazilian people. In 2003 and 2004, Brazil produced ethanol fuel 45% cheaper than gasoline, which greatly promoted the sale of dual fuel vehicles, dual fuel vehicles in 2003 accounted for only 6% of total market sales, car manufacturers expected in 2005 double Fuel car sales will reach 30%, but the actual situation allows experts to surprise, in 2005 the new car sales, the proportion of dual-fuel vehicles up to 73%, the current Brazilian road vehicles in the 1.3 million vehicles are dual fuel car.

The rapid use of ethanol fuels has changed the economic structure of Brazil. As Brazil no longer needs to import oil, this cost is $ 69 billion in foreign exchange, which is left in Brazil and allows some rural areas to grow rapidly Get rich. At present, Brazil has built 250 ethanol fuel production plants in the southeastern region, and 50 factories are under construction.

Ethanol fuel will be the ultimate way out for green energy

Brazil's experience has brought a lot of inspiration to many countries, especially some of the US venture capital investment in-depth study of the future value of ethanol fuel, they demonstrate a variety of models to try to deny ethanol fuel, and ethanol fuel with a variety of green energy Comparison, the results surprised the experts, their research found that ethanol fuel will eventually replace the gasoline as a future fuel, this reality will not only be achieved in the United States, but also in many countries will be achieved.

However, even the most professional venture capital does not think we can completely abandon gasoline in the near future, oil-based industry chain is too effective, it has penetrated into all aspects of our lives, in other words, we are difficult Get rid of dependence on oil. On the other hand, many people also question whether the ethanol obtained from the fermentation of cereals is sufficient to meet the human demand for fuel. Many people worry that the mass production of ethanol with cereals as raw materials will change the human dietary structure. Some critics argue that The ethanol in the grain will consume more energy. The US Department of Energy's final report calmed down all the quarrels, the US government said: the key energy and the positive impact on the environment, through the production of ethanol ethanol is clearly ahead of the oil produced by oil, and the future through the cellulose production of ethanol Will do better.

The use of straw, cellulose and bark from the ethanol produced by cellulose, these human beings can not eat, do not threaten the supply of human food at all. Researchers through the use of specific enzymes to decompose cellulose to obtain simple carbohydrates, and then convert these saccharides into energy use. Cellulose is a lot of nature in nature, the ethanol obtained through cellulose is very clean, and gasoline can be the same as driving the car driving, more important one reason, we no longer need to re-invent the car, which will make our car Industry continues to develop, will not cause a huge waste. At present, enzymes that can digest cellulose can already be used in a large number of industrial applications, such as Tide detergent powder can be added to the decomposition of cellulose enzymes, so washed out of clothing more clean. Experts estimate that the enzyme has reduced the cost of cellulosic ethanol from $ 5 / gallon five years ago to $ 0.2 / gallon, and the only thing that the ethanol plant needs to do now is to explore the experience of mass production.

Rely on the efforts of enterprises is far from enough, the government in the promotion of new energy on the power of the same. In order to speed up the rapid application of ethanol fuel, the US government asked by 2013 the annual use of cellulose ethanol fuel to reach 250 million gallons. In addition, the experts also suggested that the US government to eliminate up to 54% of imports from Brazil, ethanol gasoline tariffs, because sugar cane is more suitable for the manufacture of ethanol, so Brazil's ethanol fuel cheaper. Reducing tariffs will allow more people to use ethanol fuel, and will encourage more gas stations to be retrofitted to supply ethanol fuel, further boosting the large number of ethanol fuels. Many experts also believe that some oil companies giants should also increase investment in green energy, Shell's investment in Russia alone as high as 20 billion US dollars, while the green energy investment compared to it is trivial.

Of course, the ethanol fuel from the ideal to the reality will not be achieved overnight, Brazil after decades of international crude oil prices have not been high in the case of the beginning of the application of ethanol fuel, to achieve the current achievements. Experts advise: the sooner the beginning of the promotion of ethanol fuel, the sooner it will be relieved from the quagmire of oil, the international crude oil prices can no longer return to the price of $ 20 a barrel, with the rise of emerging markets in the world, the energy crisis will Will be more and more serious, ethanol fuel is showing the only one can replace the unique charm of petroleum products.