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Factors Affecting The Particle Size Of Solid Fuels
Jul 12, 2017

  Factors affecting the particle size of solid fuels

  1 roller, four roller gap adjustment is not appropriate

  Regularly on the roller, four roller gap to effectively adjust. The roller, four roller gap adjusted to the appropriate location to ensure that the fuel particle size uniformity to achieve the required size. Four roll on the roll gap of 7 ~ 8mm coke powder, solid fuel the next roll gap should be 1 ~ 2mm. After adjustment, the fuel particle size (<3mm) increased from 62% to the current 82%.

  2 pairs of roller, four roller roll wear serious

  Periodically, the rollers and four rolls are replaced. After the roll is used for four days, the abrasion of the debris and the material will cause the roll surface to be uneven and the cracked fuel will become thicker. When the roll is not flat, solid fuel should be turning, roll too thin should be promptly reported and replaced, through this series of measures to make the fuel particle size increased by 8%.

  3 Human Factors (Personnel Operation)

  Into the roll of broken fuel particle size should be less than 40mm, broken the particle size should be less than 13mm. Operation should always observe the fuel particle size, timely adjustment of the feed volume of the roll gap, and uniform feeding. Observe, check the equipment wear and loose parts, such as the problem should be promptly dealt with. Fuel water will affect the fragmentation of the material is not uniform, but also plug the funnel, sticky roll skin, solid fuel easy to be bitten by the roller, the fuel quality has a certain impact. Before the coke in front of the culvert no sieve, often a large particle fuel into the waste of fuel, resulting in high consumption of solid combustion, the latter to increase a sieve, the effect is significant, for the fuel waste is greatly reduced.

  4 material storage

  In the material storage, when the climate is dry, solid fuel as much as possible storage.