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Key Features Of Ethanol Fuel
Jul 01, 2017

  Key Features of Ethanol Fuel

  (1) strong oxygen, combustion effect is good. Fuel ethanol in 10% of the proportion of mixed into the gasoline, the oxygen content can reach 3.5%, Ethanol Fuel  combustion effect is good, full combustion of gasoline, the car's harmful emissions total reduced by 33% or more. And can increase the octane number of 2-3 units, improve the anti-explosive oil.

  (2) good solubility, clean oil. Automotive ethanol in the fuel ethanol is a good performance of organic solvents, Ethanol Fuel can effectively eliminate the car fuel tank and oil system in the precipitation and condensation of impurities, with the role of the oil channel to clear.

  (3) full combustion, reduce coke. As the vehicle ethanol gasoline combustion, can effectively prevent and eliminate the spark plug, Ethanol Fuel valve, piston top and exhaust pipe, muffler and other parts of the formation of coke to extend the life of the engine and the main components.

  (4) strong hydrophilic, improper use will be layered. Ethanol is a hydrophilic liquid, easy to miscible with water, if the tank is stored in the water or in the car with ethanol gasoline mixed with water, so that oil moisture exceeded, Ethanol Fuel there will be fuel ethanol and harmonic components of oil layering phenomenon, affecting the engine normal jobs. Therefore, the first use, the tank should be checked once.