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Methanol Gel Chafing Fuel A New Alternative Energy Source
Oct 09, 2017

Methanol gel fuel is a new alternative energy source, generally divided into methanol gasoline and methanol diesel. Methanol fuel was used on gasoline engines, and a relatively high proportion (M85 ~ M100) blended from a low proportion of blending (M15 methanol 15%) to the late 1980s was also experienced a rather difficult process. Methanol fuel is internationally recognized as a clean fuel, methanol is an oxygen-containing compound, its combustion emissions than oil combustion generated by harmful substances significantly reduced.

Methanol gel fuel is the use of industrial methanol or fuel methanol, modified alcohol additives, and the existing national standard gasoline and diesel (or component oil), according to a certain volume (or weight ratio) by a rigorous scientific process deployment made of a new type of cleaning The main raw material for the production of methanol is coal, natural gas, coalbed methane, coke oven gas, etc., especially the use of high sulfur and low coke oven gas production of methanol , Can improve the comprehensive utilization of resources and reduce environmental pollution.To develop coal methanol fuel, supplement and part of the alternative oil fuels, is to ease China's energy tensions, improve the comprehensive utilization of resources to protect the ecological environment of an effective shortcut.

As the methanol has a low boiling point of low octane characteristics, making it as a fuel with high oxygen content, calorific value than the characteristics of gasoline, latent heat of vaporization is more than 3 times the gasoline. At the same time, due to the physical and chemical properties of methanol fuel close to gasoline, gasoline engine on the use of methanol fuel, the engine without major changes, methanol and gasoline compatibility is good, can achieve a variety of ratio blending. And several hundred thousand tons / year of the device can reach the economic scale (synthetic oil should be at least several million tons / year scale), methanol can not be too concentrated production, easy to invest in construction and product delivery, even longer distance Transport, but also better than coal and gas transportation. Coupled with it is oxygen-containing compounds, combustion completely, in the car engine energy efficiency is higher than gasoline, its economy is very competitive.

Methanol combustion characteristics of two major characteristics: First, excellent cooling effect, can reduce the engine temperature, not overheating; Second, high anti-explosive ability to be higher than the pressure allowed by high-quality gasoline burning and not burst shock. This is suitable for high compression ratio, high performance engine. Give full play to its high octane effect, the output of greater power. Of course, methanol is also weak, its energy is low, driving the same distance consumption is almost twice as much as gasoline, and thus need a large fuel tank.

Methanol has the advantage of burning completely, low volatility, less emissions of harmful hydrocarbons such as hydrocarbons, nitric oxide and carbon monoxide.