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Production Technology Of Solid Fuel
Aug 08, 2017

  Production technology of solid fuel

  Solid fuel is a new type of fuel, it can be lit with a match, can heat food, ignite the honeycomb, easy to carry, very popular. With the increasing development of tourism, people's living standards continue to improve, solid fuel will undoubtedly have a great market. The same time as

  First, the raw material formula and production equipment

  1, raw material formula: solid fuel production of raw materials for the smoke-free charcoal powder (or anthracite), saw powder, paraffin and alcohol, the weight ratio: carbon powder (particle size 80 head, water content <10%) 60 Sawing powder (particle size 40 mesh) 12 paraffin (melting point 54-60 ℃) 20 alcohol (concentration 95%) 8 2, production equipment: the main production equipment, a sandwich pot, a grinding machine (modified with the old punch), stirring Kettle two, electric stove (or coal stove) one and a sprayer. Soil production can be used research, clamp bench instead of grinding machine, punching machine. The same time as

  Second, the production process

  1, take paraffin 1 kg placed in the sandwich pot to dissolve, until all dissolved by adding 6 kg of charcoal, 1.2 kg sawdust powder, while stirring to join, keep 60 ℃ temperature stirring 5-8 minutes, paraffin with coal, Sawdust powder mix evenly and then cool the spare. The same time as

  2, the above fuel cooled to 250 ℃ below, the 800 grams of alcohol poured into the sprayer, while stirring the alcohol into the raw materials, stir quickly, into a small basin, so that the mixture just filled On the plastic cloth, to prevent alcohol evaporation. 3, the mixture into the mold, on the punching machine or clamp on the compression molding. The same time as

  4, the sandwich pot on the fire, into 10 kg (only consumption of about 1 kg), melt, the molding of raw materials into the wax wrapped in a thin layer of wax, remove the cooling is solid fuel Finished, packaged after the sale. The same time as

  Third, the packaging and the use of the general requirements of 8 solid fuel for a box, each weighing 20 grams. A box is equipped with two mosquito coils, when used in solid fuel on the mosquito coils, lit with a match, you can heat the items. The same time as

  Fourth, pay attention to matters

  1, solid fuel molding pressure requirements of 80-100 kg / square centimeter. The pressure is too small is not easy to compaction, not burning, and alcohol is also easy to volatile. The same time as

  2, pressed into a block, to quickly wrap the wax layer to prevent the evaporation of alcohol, usually a person pressure, a person wrapped. The same time as

  3,20 grams of solid fuel is half of the round, the diameter of 4-5 cm, the middle of the 6 diameter 0.5 cm holes (1 in the middle, around 5). The same time as

  4, the packaging in addition to mosquitoes, the best to do a triangular bracket, supporting the heating material or honeycomb.