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Reduce Solid Fuel Consumption To Control Fuel Particle Size
Jul 12, 2017

  Measures to reduce the consumption of solid fuels

  1.1 to strengthen the acceptance of fuel into the work

  Do a good job of fuel acceptance work, is to put a good number of off and quality off. The strict requirements of the acceptance of personnel, so that the quality of failure or tonnage is not real trips determined not to storage, and timely reporting workshop, solid fuel dispatch room. At the same time increase the staff assessment, reward efforts. In addition to this, has also developed a fuel quality early warning mechanism, from the source to ensure the quality of fuel.

  1.2 Control fuel particle size

  During the sintering process, the combustion of the fuel is controlled by diffusion. The burning rate of the sintering mixture and the thickness of the combustion layer are related to the fuel particle size, the air velocity and the permeability of the layer. In the sintering production process, when the coal particle size is too thick, due to the uneven distribution of coal in the mixture, the fabric is prone to segregation. So that the temperature distribution of the sintered material layer is not uniform, part of the region over-melting, while the pulverized coal particle size is too thick, but also to widen the combustion zone, material layer resistance increases, resulting in reduced sinter production. solid fuel When the coal particle size is too fine, the burning zone is narrowed, the burning speed is too fast, the high temperature holding time is short, the liquid phase is insufficient, so that the strength and the yield of the sinter are all reduced and the waste is fuel. Production practice has proved that the most appropriate particle size to control the grain size below 3mm accounted for 78% to 80%, too high or too low, will cause a waste of solid fuels. But the actual production of broken fuel particle size pass rate is not high, the solid fuel particle size is less than 3mm part to be greater than 75%. The current situation for the solid fuel particle size is less than 3mm part to only 70%, by analysis, due to the feeding of the electric feeder to the larger feed, resulting in double crusher and four-roll crusher crushing efficiency, solid fuel particle size Can not meet the requirements of 75%, by improving the feeding angle of the electric feeder to adjust within a reasonable range to ensure the fuel crushing efficiency, after the improvement of fuel particle size less than 3mm part of more than 75%.

  1.3 Air leakage management

  There are many reasons for the sintering machine air leakage, in addition to sintering machine truck aging serious, easy to cause damage caused by leakage, the bellows, bellows take over the flange, big flue, flue expansion joints, etc. solid fuel is also an important part of the air leakage, , The use of maintenance opportunities to adjust the level of the slide and the track height difference, while the need to replace the deformation of the trolley and trolley board, thereby reducing the trolley and track between the air leakage phenomenon. On the flue expansion joints will be old-fashioned stainless steel bellows expansion joints are all replaced by the new expansion section, the new expansion joint according to the wear and tear of their own design to extend the expansion of the service life; the treatment of large flue: all the feeding points around the increase in the board , To protect the sealing plate and regularly check the timely replacement, greatly reducing the amount of labor and reduce air leakage. The treatment of the bellows: bellows elbow has been the main wind leakage, change the original structure, reduce the wind speed at the bend, and in the inside to increase wear-resistant liner, extending the life of the elbow. On the inside of the bellows flange with a flange to weld the flange gap, solid fuel effectively control the wind box at the air leakage. At the same time, the section in accordance with the electricity "to avoid the peak on the valley" management, strictly regulate the daily unloading operation, by the shift of each shift to the night shift from zero to five points centralized unloading ash, The leakage generated at the ash valve increases the productivity of the platform on the effective area of the trolley and promotes the reduction of solid fuel consumption.