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Solid Fuel Smoke-free And Tasteless
Aug 30, 2017

A large class of fuel. Can produce heat or power of solid-state combustible material. Mostly contain carbon or hydrocarbons. Natural wood, peat, lignite, bituminous coal, anthracite, oil shale and so on. After processing from charcoal, coke, coal bricks, briquettes and so on. In addition, there are some special varieties, such as solid alcohol, solid rocket fuel. Compared with liquid fuels or gaseous fuels, the general solid fuel combustion is difficult to control, the efficiency is low, the ash is more. Can be used directly as fuel, can also be used for the manufacture of liquid fuels and gaseous fuels raw materials or chemical products of raw materials.

Solid fuel is a new type of green fuel, the main supply of military and poor conditions of the border forces to use as well as outdoor, survival, camping, long-distance hiking, exploration, barbecue, rescue, family, hotel, hot pot city and scientific research, Construction sites, military training, mountaineering and other places, is cooking, cooking and making hot pot, barbecue and field workers preferred heat source. It has a white non-toxic, small size, high heat, strong fire, portable, safe to use, the product is not volatile, long-term storage and long-distance transport. Long shelf life (save more than two years in the natural environment does not degenerate), do not unbox the storage time of 4 - - 6 years (dry place to save up to 10 years) and so on.

First, the product composition

1, specifications:

Small square: 45 × 45 × 11mm Weight: 25 ± 2g / block; Packing: 9.5x9.5x2.5cm (white paper box, or in accordance with customer requirements)

Small round block: ∮ 40 × 12mm Weight: 15 ± 2g / block.

2, product packaging: packaging for the transparent plastic bag sealed packaging. 8 pieces / bag, 1 bag / box, net weight of 200 grams per box; each box containing 100 boxes, net weight 20 kg, wooden box packaging. (Or according to customer requirements)

3, burning time: 20g fuel fuel 15-25 minutes, strong fire, the flame temperature up to 600 ℃, smokeless and tasteless, non-toxic harmless, no residue after burning, can cook 250 grams of rice or 1 kg of water. Not burned part, the next can continue to use.

4, hardness: hard (like compressed biscuits).

Second, the use of methods

Placed on the slate, the ground, the beach, with the fire can be lit directly.

Third, pay attention to matters

Solid fuel is not edible, not mixed with food, placed in children should not be exposed to the place, should be kept at room temperature, pay attention to fire, moisture, away from fire.

The unique feature of the product is to completely change the traditional products easy to volatilize, short shelf life, low calorific value, burning time is short, after burning a lot of residue, not clean and so on. With the increasing development of tourism, people's living standards continue to improve, this safety and health of green fuel will undoubtedly become the first choice for camping things.