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Study On Biomass Solid Fuel Industry
Aug 08, 2017

  Study on Biomass Solid Fuel Industry

  (A) research background

  The promotion and popularization of biomass solid fuels have a positive effect on changing China's unreasonable living energy structure, alleviating the double crisis of energy shortage and ecological destruction, speeding up the construction of new socialist countryside and promoting social progress. However, China's biomass solid fuel and stoves industry is still in the early stages of development, there are many problems in the various aspects of the industry chain seriously hampered the healthy development of the industry. At present, some domestic experts and scholars on the status quo and prospects of biomass, straw recycling, biomass molding fuel industry development of the technical factors and industrial development obstacles to do some useful discussion.

  However, there are relatively few studies on the core issues of biomass biomass and stove industry development in China. On the basis of research, the author conducts a preliminary study on this aspect.

  (B) the logical relationship between industrial systems

  The biomass solid fuel industry consists of four subsystems, namely the raw material supply subsystem, the finished product production subsystem, the market transaction subsystem and the policy system subsystem. The relationship between the subsystems based on the dominant function is closely related, interdependent and mutually restrictive, and act together on the whole industry system. Raw material output and supply is to achieve the premise of the finished product and protection, but also the formation of the terminal consumer market, Solid Fuel the basic conditions. Relying on the corresponding technical equipment of the finished material is the embodiment of the value of raw materials, only to achieve the finished raw materials in order to achieve its intrinsic use value. At the same time, the formation and circulation of the market must be based on the product as the material basis, the product is the material carrier to realize the market transaction, and the market transaction is the way of the product value, Solid Fuel a product can only become the valuable commodity after realizing the market exchange.

  The policy system subsystem is also interoperable with the other three subsystems. Industry, the formation and stability of different stages of industrial policy need to give support, guidance, adjustment and promotion, standardize the industrial trajectory, and through the operation of specific market performance feedback policy implementation of the results and deficiencies, to promote industrial policy continues to improve, Solid Fuel And ultimately to achieve policy and market coordination.