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The Gel Chafing Fuel Is A Fuel Medium
Nov 01, 2017

The Gel Chafing Fuel is a fuel medium. The medium is in a gel state and consists entirely of plants and alcohols, which are predominantly ethanol, although other lower alcohols may also be used in combination with some water. This mixture is made by adding methylhydroxypropylcellulose (MHPC) to the gel. When discarded, the gel is biodegradable and is environmentally friendly. During the combustion process, the gel is smoke free, free of soot, no toxic gases released, non-carcinogenic and non-corrosive. This gel form is easily packaged as a fuel for cooking and barbecue / ignition devices, and the reduction in soot makes these devices easy to maintain.

The advantages of Gel Chafing Fuel development have been highlighted

Now fossil energy fuel prices rising step by step, which resulted in a lot of business operating costs continue to increase. Gel Chafing Fuel energy market gradually rise, get a lot of people's attention. As the world's largest bio-energy market, combined with China's low-carbon environmental protection of the economic concept, Foshan Gel Chafing Fuel market in the next period of time will become a dark horse in the energy sector.

Gel Chafing Fuel is renewable, can replace the non-renewable energy, which to some extent alleviate the lack of energy. It is also a lot of classification, such as biomass particles and briquetting fuel, the two are currently the most used market. In rural areas can be recycled, local materials.

In addition to reducing fuel costs, but also reduce environmental pollution. It can use the fuel particle machine to straw, straw, grain shell and other waste made of flammable, high-density high-quality particles. This kind of high calorie-free heat, home heating and industrial boilers can be used, with other resources do not have the renewable.

As people continue to deepen the Gel Chafing Fuel, in the future, the development of Gel Chafing Fuel can not be underestimated.