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What Are The Advantages Of Biomass Solid Fuels?
Jul 26, 2017

  What are the advantages of biomass solid fuels?

  The advantages of biomass fuel produced by biomass pellet machine are summarized as follows:

  1. Clean combustion

  (1) Very few fly ash. Biomass ash is less than 3% (except rice husk, etc.), thereby simplifying the ash removal equipment of the combustion device.

  (2) Biomass pellet fuel is the main combustion ingredient is volatile, * like content in $number above, smoke produced little, solid fuel do not run black smoke.

  (3) Biomass particulate fuel usually does not affect the natural cycle of carbon in nature, even if it is not burned and burning, biomass will release C02 in the process of natural digestion. As a result, biomass carbon emissions do not exceed the amount of carbon absorbed during their growth, thus achieving C02 zero emissions.

  (4) Biomass itself n content is much less than coal, which is very advantageous to reduce the generation of n0x.

  (5) Less Sox emissions in combustion. Biomass has a sulphur content of less than 0.1%, does not need a flue gas desulfurization device, solid fuel thus reducing costs, but also conducive to environmental protection.

  (6) Reduce the emission of heavy metal contaminants. The study shows that the coal contains a variety of trace elements, such as: As, Hg, V, Pb, Zn, SE, Co, ni, Cr, and many of them are poisonous and harmful heavy metal elements. And the biomass is basically free of heavy metals.

  2. Good economic

  (1) Our country is rich in biomass resources, low price, use biomass as fuel, reduce the cost of raw materials.

  (2) Full combustion, high burnout, solid fuel due to incomplete combustion caused by waste reduction.

  (3) The use of biomass fiber network connectivity, can significantly improve the strength of biomass briquette fuel, thereby eliminating the use of binders; there is no subsequent drying process, so it can greatly reduce the processing cost.

  3. Fire burning Performance is good

  The biomass with low ignition point such as corn stalk is much higher than that of raw coal, the ignition is better than coal, it is easy to ignite, solid fuel even if the quantity is less and the combustion strength is weak, it will not cause fire extinguishing and improve the ignition performance.