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What Is The Composition Of The Liquid Chafing Fuel?
Jul 01, 2017

  What is the composition of the Liquid Chafing Fuel?

  In recent years, families or restaurants use hot pot meals, as well as field operations and tourist picnics, often using solid alcohol as fuel. Solid alcohol is the industrial alcohol (ethanol) by adding coagulant to make it jelly-like. When used with a match to ignite, burning without dust, non-toxic, Liquid Chafing Fuel no smell, flame temperature uniformity, the temperature can reach about 600 ℃. Every 250 g can burn for more than 1.5 hours. Than the use of electric stove, alcohol stove are saving, convenient and safe. So it is an ideal fuel for convenience.

  Solid alcohol preparation is also very convenient. In a container, Liquid Chafing Fuel add 75 g of water, heat to 60 ° C to 80 ° C, add 125 g of alcohol, add 90 g of stearic acid and stir well. In another container, add 75 g of water, add 20 g of sodium hydroxide, stir and dissolve it, pour the prepared sodium hydroxide solution into a container containing the mixture of alcohol, stearic acid and paraffin, and add 125 G alcohol, stir well, hot filling the mold, the cooling becomes a solid alcohol fuel.

  And these configuration materials alcohol, Liquid Chafing Fuel fatty acids and other substances are harmless to the skin, only sodium hydroxide is a strong alkali, strong corrosive, so can not directly contact with the skin. But made of fuel after the sodium hydroxide content is not high, so the fuel is not made after the strong corrosive, no harm to the skin, and later will not produce toxic substances, so you can rest assured. Now many people are using this fuel.