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solid alcohol chafing dish fuel

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  • Hexamine Solid Fuel Tablets

    Hexamine Solid Fuel TabletsSolid Fuel Tablet This solid fuel tablet are used to heat and warm food,this solid fuel tablets namely hexamethyllenetetramine (hexamine) also known as camping fuel. However, these are toxic and are not suitable for indoor use. Usually used for ignition barbecue barbecue ignited. Can also be...Read More

  • 3.5 hours  ethylalcohol gel fuel

    3.5 hours ethylalcohol gel fuel3.5 hours ethylalcohol gel fuelRead More

  • 1hour Ethanol Gel Chafing Fuels

    1hour Ethanol Gel Chafing FuelsProduct name: 1hour gel chafing fuel This 1 hour gel chafing fuel is great for room service and beverage urn. This gel chafing fuel is with high heat output, no, Odor, no smoke., no negative impact on food. Specification of 1hour gel chafing fuel Product Advantages : 1.ISO9001-2008 Certification...Read More